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Printing Your Digital Photos: How to Choose Which Printer to Buy

When it comes to digital photography darkrooms and photo labs are a thing of the past. You can still get your digital shots printed professionally for you, but transferring to your PC, editing at home, and printing from your own printer has become common practice these days. Before purchasing a printer, decide what your printing needs will be and choose a printer within your price range that comes with the appropriate features.

Decent Quality

While you don’t need to spend a fortune to print your digital photos from home, choosing the lowest quality printer, ink, and paper will leave you with prints that look like a shabby photocopy. Spending a little extra for a device that can provide you with rich colours and textures will save you a lot of disappointment and hassle in the long run. Some features won’t be necessary for you, but check out product reviews before you buy and don’t hesitate to ask questions from your printer retailer.


A higher resolution and DPI, or dots per inch, will allow you to print higher quality photos. Keep in mind that printers which give high resolution will take longer to print and use more ink, but if bright and beautiful looking photos are important to you, high resolution is completely necessary.

Ink and Paper

It won’t be the printer alone that determines how your photos turn out. Using high quality ink and paper that’s compatible with your printer model will play a huge part in your photo results. Before purchasing any specific printer model, look into the paper and ink brands that will work with that printer and determine how much it will cost to restock with the appropriate supplies.

Buying a printer with all the bells and whistles isn’t necessary if you’ll just be casually printing a few sets of pictures here and there. If you’ll be using your printer for professional digital photography reasons, a printer that has a few more of those features may be needed. Knowing in advance if you’ll be printing in large quantities or if you’ll require above average quality will help you figure the price range you should be looking in. Too many features could make the printer hard to use while too few features may not fulfill your needs. Read reviews and ask yourself what you’ll expect from your printer on a regular basis before choosing a printer.

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