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Digital Photography vs. Film Photography

Film photography once ruled the world of picture taking, but with the advances in digital photography, it no longer dominates the corner on quality photos. Digital photography used to be a much more expensive hobby if you wanted to get any decent level of quality from your pictures, but digital cameras have gotten more advanced and have dropped significantly in price in recent years.

Film vs. Memory Card

One of the most convenient aspects of digital photography is the lack of need for rolls of film. Digital photos don’t require film with different speeds in order to get different results. Most digital settings are automatic, and to change your shutter speed or white balance, you only need to change a setting on your camera. Memory cards also have the unique ability to be loaded up with a ton of shots and replaced by another tiny memory card when full. This prevents the need to carry many rolls of film that are susceptible to light or heat damage during transport.

Developing Your Photos

When film was the standard medium of photography, darkroom and photo labs were required to print your pictures. Digital photography has given us the ability to print professional quality photos right from our own printers. Of course, a printer of decent quality with the proper ink and paper is still required in order to see high quality results. While most of the editing is done in the darkroom when using film, all editing for digital photos can be done with photo editing software on your computer.

Instant Results

Digital cameras have removed the need to wait to view the shots you’ve taken by allowing us to reviews pictures on the camera’s LCD screen. Instead of filling a roll of film up with mediocre photos, the image file from on your memory card can be deleted immediately and be retaken with a digital camera. And if a print is not actually required, the photos you take can be shared instantly through e-mail and uploading.

Some photographers still prefer the traditional methods of film photography, but digital photography has come a long way in eliminating the need for darkrooms, chemicals, light sensitive paper, and film. Developing your own photos has become common place and in many cases, printing a picture isn’t even required in order to view and share it. It used to be that film provided the higher quality results, but with advances in digital sensors and lenses, the choice between digital and film is now a matter of personal preference and convenience.

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Digital Photography: The Equipment Basics

When getting started with digital photography, there will be a few standard pieces of equipment you’ll need to purchase. If this is to be a casual hobby, or you’re just learning, you don’t need to go all out and buy everything top of the line, but getting some quality items that will last you a long time and can take great shots is very important. Start with the basics and upgrade your equipment over time as needed.

The Camera

The main thing you’ll need to get started in digital photography is a decent digital camera. They’re available with many different features and at varying price ranges, so depending on what you plan to do with your camera and what your skill level is, finding the perfect camera is a matter of understanding what each one is capable of. The cheapest, lowest quality model may not take you very far while the most expensive model could be a waste of money. Too many features could also make a certain camera more difficult or confusing to learn on.

Digital Photography Gear

A simple, standard tripod will be a great addition to your digital photography equipment. For pictures that require longer exposure or are taken in low light, a tripod will make a huge difference in the quality of your photos. Your camera itself will come with a kit lens, but you may find it necessary to purchase one or two additional zoom or macro lenses for close up and wide range shots.

Camera Bags and Cases

Your digital photography equipment is an investment so you’ll want to protect your camera and everything that goes with it. A durable camera bag is essential to provide protection to your gear while allowing you to conveniently store and transport everything. Getting a water proof camera bag will give you a little extra protection against rain and humidity. You may also find it handy to purchase a bag with extra pockets and compartments for batteries, lenses, and adapters.

All the Little Stuff

A large memory card plus a few spares will be vital when out shooting for long periods of time. The same goes for spare rechargeable batteries. Running out of room to store your photos or being stuck with no power can be a disaster when you come across a beautiful landscape or a candid moment that needs capturing. Having extras of everything will ensure you never miss an opportunity for a great shot.

Be sure to read your manuals and train yourself to use your equipment properly. Knowing your camera’s capabilities will allow you to get the most from your digital photography efforts. Purchase just the basic equipment when you’re first starting out and add more advanced equipment as you hone your skills and become more experienced in the world of digital photography.

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